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How to Photograph Dogs in Action

1. Have fun! This is the most important tip and one that should be included in all dog photography. Expressions are priceless and with action dog photography, we generally want to capture happy dogs having a great time. These are the memories we will cherish.
2. Choose a fast shutter speed to freeze action! Shutter speeds of 1/250 to 1/2000 and higher will freeze action, depending on the speed of the dog.

3. Focus on your Dog: Keep your focus point on your dog’s eye and use AI Servo or Continuous AI Servo, Continuous AF or your camera’s action mode.

4. Try Panning: Move your camera parallel with the dog’s movement. The dog should remain sharp while the background becomes blurred. The blurred background with the sharp dog will create the feeling of movement. Try different shutter speeds until you get the look you want and track your moving dog in the direction of movement. The image below has two feet off the ground, which shows there is movement. Have fun with this; it takes some practice.

5. Try using a wide aperture: Wide apertures, for example 2.8 allow for more light, which is often needed for the faster shutter speeds. Experiment until you get the look you like.

6. Increase the ISO: Higher ISOs may be necessary if the scene is too dark for your dog action photogrpahy.

7, Position your Subject: The human eye responds better to action moving from the left to right of the photograph. Think about the rule of thirds and position the subject on the left side of the image.